Writing for The Telegraph, George Eustice MP claimed that the plans would mean that “rural communities are about to have their own version of London’s ultra-low emission zone dumped on them.”

The proposals were first put forward in a government consultation that ran between October 2021 and January 2022, which the government has yet to publish its response to.

Mr Eustice has drafted an amendment to the Energy Bill aimed at encouraging the option of rural households switching to more environmentally-friendly fuel, such as HVO.

The Telegraph reports that the amendment has received the backing of at least a dozen Tory MPs, with more than 30 having already written to the Prime Minister to raise the issue of the fossil fuel heating phase out, amid concerns it could disproportionately affect rural communities.

In his article for The Telegraph, Mr Eustice concluded: "When the Energy Bill returns to Parliament this autumn, I hope the government takes the opportunity to change its approach and support rural communities."