Alastair Lovell from Calor, dispels the most common myths about LPG.

At Calor, we often get feedback from installers that their customers are not fully aware of their options when it comes to off-grid fuel. So to help you correctly inform and educate your customers, we've compiled a run down of the most common myths you may come across when discussing LPG with your customers.


"Calor gas is just for caravans and BBQs."

People usually associate LPG with the red cylinders they see at caravan parks and the bottles hooked up to the family BBQ. But it's used widely to heat the home and hot water – as well as fuelling gas fires, cooking, and even tumble dryers!

It's a truly versatile option that is ideal for those living off the mains gas grid who want the convenience of mains gas.

"I thought oil heating was my only option off mains."

Often, customers will inherit an oil heating system from the previous owner, and so they assume that they have no other options when it comes to heating their home and hot water.

However, there are quite a range of choices, LPG being one of them. Other alternatives include renewable systems such as solar power and heat pumps, which can also be partnered with LPG. Calor, in partnership with Daikin, now offers a hybrid system that uses both an air source heat pump and LPG – ideal for homeowners who may be a bit nervous about investing in a full renewable system.

"LPG systems are difficult and expensive to install."

There is also a misconception that installing an LPG heating system is a long and labourious task. With one call to Calor, we take care of everything, from tank specification to siting, leaving the installer to carry out the boiler installation. In most cases, the tank can be installed in just one day.

Unlike some LPG companies who leave the homeowner to arrange the tank or cylinder installation, Calor can install the tank or cylinder using its own expert team. This includes civil works, external pipework and delivery and installation of the tank. What's more, Calor is currently offering an above-ground tank installation free of charge, which means the customer only has to pay for their new LPG boiler. Installers get a £250 incentive for every successful referral to Calor LPG too.

"LPG tanks are big and take up lots of space in my garden."

There are a number of gas storage options available, from a range of tank sizes, to cylinders, and if customers want to maximise their outdoor space, they have the option of burying the tank underground so it is out of view. Alternatively if their gas requirements are minimal, or space is at a premium, they could opt for a more compact and discrete cylinder pack.

"LPG boilers are very expensive."

LPG boilers are actually significantly cheaper than oil alternatives, in some instances by as much as half. In addition, switching to a new efficient LPG boiler from an older and inefficient oil boiler will also help homeowners to lower fuel consumption, with LPG gas-condensing boilers achieving efficiencies of 90% or more. LPG boilers are often also more compact than oil ones and can be wall mounted, saving valuable space within the home.

"It's hard to switch LPG suppliers."

Most LPG customers have a two-year contract with their supplier, and at the end of this time then have the option to switch. As with most utility services, they can simply shop around to find the supplier right for them. Previously, the actual LPG tank had to be removed and replaced with a tank from the new supplier, but now the ownership of the tank is simply transferred from one supplier to another. So there's no tank to dig up or replace and most importantly, no hassle for your customer.