Demand for electric boilers has increased by over 45% in the last two-years as homeowners look to replace their inefficient gas boilers.

Fischer’s Eco Electric boiler features self-modulating technology which can automatically reduce power by up to 50% if it senses that customers require less energy over the next hour. This means the system will have fewer stop/starts and can save users money on their energy bills.

The boilers can come in two different models. The electric Combi Boiler delivers both hot water and heating, and the Heat-Only Boiler – which works in conjunction with electric water systems that provide hot water on demand without the need for a water storage cylinder.

The boiler can be connected to an existing network of radiators or underfloor heating and water system.

Fischer Eco Electric Boilers - Key Features:

  • Added efficiency: The boiler features modulation technology that automatically adjusts its power output based on the user's heating needs - resulting in a reduction in energy use.
  • Easy Installation: Fischer’s Eco Electric Boiler can be used with existing wet radiators, underfloor heating, and hot water systems, making it a stress-free upgrade from fossil fuel boilers.
  • Customisation and Control: Modulation ensures optimal power use for any home, keeping homeowners comfortable without wasting energy. As standard the boiler will be supplied with the Fischer wireless thermostat to allow set programme and temperature preferences. A Wifi upgrade is available, as well as the boiler being compatible with any existing smart thermostat like Hive.

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