Plumbers and heating engineers rely on a range of essential tools to get the job done efficiently and effectively. From practical and comfortable tool cases and carriers to precision cutting instruments, the right equipment can make all the difference in tackling the diverse challenges you face every day on-site. 

Here are some must-have tools that every professional plumber and heating installer should consider adding to their toolkit. 

Tool bags and cases

There is an increasing need for plumbing and heating engineers to be highly mobile and adaptable to various work environments. In big cities, such as London or Manchester, where they are readily available and convenient, many trades opt to use public transports. Such a choice makes it essential for them to find compact and portable ways to carry their tools. 

Lightweight, strong, and durable tool cases and bags are specially designed not only to protect and keep tools safely organised but also to enable a tradesperson to navigate through busy cities with ease, while using public transport, ensuring they can respond promptly to plumbing emergencies and reach their clients in a timely manner.  

KNIPEX’s Modular X18, for example, equipped with two separate inner compartments and with 21 retaining loops and 37 pockets (some with zips), means it can hold a wide range of tools, measuring instruments, notebooks, and even a tablet. 
It also has FIDLOCK connectors and MOLLE webbing to easily attach adapters, carabiners, and other accessories, ensuring that essentials are always within reach. 

Versatile pipe cutters

Pipe cutters are an indispensable tool for plumbers. Unlike traditional methods that may result in uneven cuts and time-consuming processes, pipe cutters offer clean and accurate cuts, ensuring seamless connections during installations and repairs. 

Their compact design allows easy access to confined spaces, while their sharp cutting blade enables quick work with minimal effort. If you want a true multi-tasker, try the BiX 90 22 10 BK. It excels at precision cutting, leaving clean edges without shavings. Designed to fit comfortably in the hand, the BiX can cut high temperature plastic drain pipes and electrical conduits quickly and effectively.

Pliers wrenches

Pliers wrenches, by combining the functionality of two other tools, are ideal for a wide range of tasks. Use them for gripping, holding, bending, and adjusting various components during installations and repairs. Their adjustable jaw design enables them to fit different sizes of nuts, bolts and pipes, eliminating the need for multiple tools. 

Pliers wrenches provide engineers with excellent grip and control, enhancing their efficiency and precision, making them an essential tool for daily work. TOOLS FOR 

Tight spaces

Plumbers are often working under sinks, and around taps and pipework, meaning the ability to get into tight spaces is important. In these scenarios, a regular sized tool might not be suitable. As such, it’s worth considering a tool that ensures accessibility in even the tightest of spaces.

KNIPEX’s Pliers Wrench XS 86 04 100 is designed to pack a strong gripping capacity within its 100mm length. Its parallel jaw opening continuously grips up to 21mm width across flats, offering stability and resilience for challenging tasks. Its smooth jaws ensure the careful assembly of sensitive fittings and parts with delicate surface finishes. 

In addition, the Cobra XS 87 00 100 pliers has a compact design and slim head meaning it can get into the smallest of spaces, while the one-handed fine adjustment feature allows for easy adaptation to different workpiece sizes. 

Having the right toolkit is essential for success when you are out on-site. Investing in top quality tools ensures efficiency, precision, and safety on the job, leading to satisfied customers and a booming business.

As the plumbing and heating industry continues to evolve, staying equipped with the latest and most efficient tools is the key to staying ahead of the game.