The Gas Safety Trust (GST) today announced its support for an online petition launched by CORGI HomePlan to have carbon monoxide (CO) testing equipment made mandatory in GP surgeries.

The GST has a long-standing commitment to improving healthcare professionals' awareness of CO poisoning and to improving diagnosis when people present themselves with CO poisoning symptoms at emergency departments and GP surgeries.

The Trust adopted the healthcare professional related recommendations of the 2011 All Party Parliamentary Carbon Monoxide Group report, and made them a central part of its grants and research strategies.

Most recently, the Trust has funded a project being undertaken by the University of Hertfordshire, to work with maternity services in the county, who use this type of equipment, to look at the incidence of CO poisoning amongst pregnant women.

GST chair Chris Bielby said: "The Gas Safety Trust welcomes this initiative by CORGI HomePlan to ensure better availability and use of this important equipment by healthcare professionals. 

“We have recently funded research into carbon monoxide awareness and incidence in GPs surgeries, among paramedics, midwifes and through the National Poisoning Information Service, which provides advice and information to healthcare professional regarding carbon monoxide and other poisons.

“I would encourage everyone to sign this petition, and I hope that it gets the signatures it needs to trigger a debate in Parliament."