HVP recruited Jamie Kenna, of Kenna Plumbing in London, to put products from Dexters Workwear through their paces and see if they stand up to the day-to-day challenges of installer life.

Jamie Kenna (@kennaplumbing05 on Twitter) is a plumber and gas engineer operating mainly in south east and south west London, covering a range of services including central heating installation, servicing and repairs to domestic gas appliances, heating systems, and general plumbing work.

After putting the Dexters Workwear gear to the test over several weeks of hard graft, Jamie was thrilled with the performance of the kit and, in particular, the modular pockets that attach to the trousers and shorts via clips and loops.

These pockets can be quickly and easily moved to different positions, or swapped out for other pockets, depending on what the tradesperson needs for the situation at hand.

Jamie said: “I carry a payment machine with me at all times, usually in a small bag that I carry, and now that’s in one of the pockets all the time so it’s just there to get out when I finish the job.

“Additionally, if I just go in to look at a job quickly before heading off to get parts or tools, I have all my main tools in another pocket and I don’t have to carry around a tool bag for a quick visit. It’s very versatile.”

While he highlighted the durability and professional look of the workwear, Jamie noted the versatility of the pockets as the standout feature of the kit he was sent.

“Being able to have my payment machine and a selection of tools on me at all times is invaluable,” he said, noting how the ability to quickly move the pockets around meant that he could get into different spaces or move to different positions without worrying about the contents of his pockets getting in the way.

You can also tether tools to the pockets via a bungie cord, which Jamie pointed out was incredibly helpful for those jobs where you’re working at height or even just up a short ladder, meaning you don’t have to worry about dropping a tool or trying to hold on to it while you manoeuvre about.

The workwear held up well throughout the time Jamie had been using it so far, through several washes and many jobs. He said: “I’ve alternated between the shorts and the trousers and they look as good as the day I got them.”

This is incredibly important for Jamie, who places a lot of stock in looking clean, tidy and professional. While he pointed out that the workwear was quite expensive, he said it was well worth the functionality and the professional look.

“I think they’re worth the cost,” he said. “You have to be pretty serious about your job to spend this much money. Some plumbers wear jeans but that’s not the way I work. Reputation and image is everything to me.”

“It’s on the expensive side but you get quality for it and, as a professional company, I want to project a professional image and this workwear achieves that.”

At the time of review, Jamie had been using the Dexters Workwear products on a daily basis for over three weeks. The products highlighted in this review are:

  • Tradesman Trouser (Black)

  • Tradesman Shorts (Black)

  • Plumber General Pocket Set

  • Bucket Pocket

  • Drill Pocket.

All these items and more can be found at www.dextersworkwear.co.uk.