HiKOKI Power Tools has teamed up with the The Rainy Day Trust to provide support for tradespeople who have had their tools stolen, as well as apprentices who cannot afford to purchase tools.

The Rainy Day Trust provides grants to pay for toolkits or safety equipment, and HiKOKI Power Tools has been working with the charity to supply these at a beneficial rate.

Those who work in the home improvement sector and have had their tools stolen, or are an apprentice who is struggling to make ends meet, can apply for help directly from the charity.

“After setting up our working partnership with HiKOKI Power Tools, we have had our seventh application in just two weeks from an apprentice who needs power tools to progress with his course,” said Bryan Clover, Chief Executive of The Rainy Day Trust.

If your company employs apprentices, they can apply to the Rainy Day Trust for help with a whole range of things from direct financial support, to power tools or a new laptop so that they can finish their studies.

Simon Miller, Marketing Director at HiKOKI Power Tools, said: “We are pleased to do everything we can to help the trade and its next generation, especially if they have fallen foul of the stolen tools epidemic or they are an apprentice who needs tools to complete their course.”