Apprentice plumber Polly Case is appealing for work as an apprentice in Somerset.

"I've discovered a thirst for knowledge, to learn more and I'm fascinated by it," she said. But she must find an apprenticeship placement.

"The course is half-a-day theory and half-a-day in the workshop and for me, at the moment, that is the only practical experience I'm getting," she said.

"Everyone else is working the other four days a week with a plumber, shadowing them and picking up tips and knowledge on things like tools. I'm not and it is very frustrating.

"At the moment I'm on the same level with them and keeping up, but if I don't get an apprenticeship then I cannot finish my course as I need to be assessed.

"My tutor Graham Hawkins has been very supportive. I've tried every plumber in the Yellow Pages from the Mendip area. Many of them sound really encouraging, think it's great that a woman wants to become a plumber but they say they can't take on anyone in the present economic climate."

Anyone who knows of apprentice placements in Somerset can contact Case on podski81@