In our latest installation guide, Saniflo breaks down how to install its Kinemagic Serenity + all-in-one shower cubicle.

The new Kinemagic Serenity + from Saniflo is an all-in-one shower cubicle package, which includes: internal and external panels and door; shower tray; magnetic shower rail; showerhead, valve and all fittings; and a luxury fold-down seat and grab rails.

Ideal as a bath replacement, this walk-in shower fits neatly into the same space as a standard bath, and comes complete with a range of features to make life easy for the user. Follow this simple guide to installation and ensure your customer has a practical and contemporary shower in less than a day.

  1. Prepare the floor area for the anti-slip shower tray. In this case, the floor was uneven so the optional feet were used to ensure an even surface
  2. Install the tray is installed on the feet, or on the floor if sufficiently even. Both options maintain low access entry into the cubicle
  3. Fit the brackets for the internal opaque glass panels to the walls
  4. Fix the shower valve to the corner glass panel, and the remaining panels to the wall brackets
  5. Install the end panel with fold down seat
  6. Install strips between the panels to ensure water stays on the inside of the cubicle
  7. Affix chrome frame, and attach glass panels and door
  8. Install more strips between the opaque and glass panels to ensure water tightness
  9. Fit the door rollers to the door panel
  10. Fix glass end panel and chrome strip. The chrome strip between the shower tray and floor ensures a neat finish
  11. Install the integrated grab bar and riser rail, and connect the shower
  12. Connect the shower to the riser rail
  13. Complete the finishing touches, including installing the door handles
  14. Step back and admire your work.