The company has launched the VLR 70 L Trend EU decentralised ventilation unit, which automatically ventilates a property to reduce moisture in the building and improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). 

Providing convenient ventilation to homes, the system supplies fresh air to up to 100m² of living space, while recovering as much as 90% of heat from the air exchange. 

Ideal for ventilating living, working, and sleeping areas, as well as working in conjunction with extract only fans in high humidity rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens, installation sees up to four pairs (eight units) fitted onto external walls which are then wired to a single, central controller.  

Installed in pairs, either in one or adjoining rooms with good airflow between them, one unit will extract while the other brings in fresh air, with the units switching several times a minute between each other to allow the heat exchanger to capture energy from the outbound air which is then picked up by the incoming air. 

During hot temperatures, a cross ventilation mode can be used to draw fresh air through a property.  

With filters situated on both sides of the unit, VLR 70 L Trend is designed to provide high IAQ alongside low noise emissions as well as a long service life. Additionally, an intensive setting can be used to purge a building’s air after increased occupancy in a property. 

As the UK government places an onus on ensuring that landlords implement measures to deliver good air quality in social housing, VLR 70 L Trend can be a valuable resource in allowing property owners to do so.

Mark McManus, STIEBEL ELTRON UK Managing Director, said: “Considering how much time we spend in our homes, it’s vital that we ensure they are well ventilated with clean, fresh air, not just so we are comfortable but for the health benefits to both ourselves and our buildings.   

“We’ve in recent years how pollutants and mould can have an adverse effect on our quality of life, so we designed a system which will allow users to enjoy a healthy home atmosphere with minimal input.  

“By using automation to monitor air humidity, VLR 70 L Trend does exactly this with an innovative design which does the hard work for residents to deliver the optimum conditions within their homes.”

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