Designed for simple installation in a range of environments such as bathrooms and changing rooms, Mellizo benefits from optimal efficiency, innovative design, and the lowest Specific Fan Power (SFP) possible, the company says.

Spanish for ‘twin’ to reflect S&P Group’s heritage, Mellizo is also designed to extend fan life with uninterrupted ventilation and save energy in line with the latest Building Regulations.

Sales Director Lee Page said: “We have challenged and channelled the expertise of our collective minds in the UK and our Spanish headquarters to create Mellizo – a unique and unrivalled twin fan that we believe cannot be beaten on noise, efficiency, or value.

“Mellizo is versatile, eco-friendly, efficient, and extremely quiet. It’s packed with cutting-edge technology to provide perfect control and superior performance, from multiple sensor inputs and demand ventilation to Building Management System (BMS) connectivity.

“Building on our reputation for innovation and breaking barriers, we’re confident Mellizo will quickly become the established market leader for quiet and efficient twin fans.”

Mellizo, an acoustic twin cabinet fan, is manufactured from double layered galvanised steel sheet and is internally lined with fireproof insulating foam to help reduce noise breakout.

All five models, from the Mellizo 400 EcoWatt (25kg) to the Mellizo 1600 EcoWatt (45kg), incorporate two S&P EcoWatt backward curved centrifugal fans and brushless EC motors with thermal overload protection.

Mellizo is designed for indoor and external installation with horizontal and vertical mounting and is fully compliant with ISO quality standards. It features over 15 accessories, including the AirSens Wireless CO2 monitor, REB-ECOWATT remote speed controller, and matched MELL-SIL silencer and seven-day programmable time-clock systems.

Lee added: “We have invested a lot of time and hard work into the research and development of Mellizo, and we have created a product that we can truly be proud of. We are incredibly excited to be launching Mellizo and setting new industry benchmarks for twin fan performance.”

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