Rinnai is launching an information hub dedicated to the subject of hydrogen as a low-carbon energy for the future.

The Rinnai Hydrogen Information Hub will be aimed at building services consultants, engineers, specifiers and end-users. It will be online and include webinars plus all requested digital or on-site meetings.

"Rinnai welcomes the UK government’s recent ‘Ten Point Plan’, in particular the drive to decarbonisation through the use of hydrogen. Heating emissions are a huge issue and Hydrogen is one answer to the Energy Trilemma, as we have stated several times," said Rinnai’s Chris Goggin, who is also a board member of the ICOM Energy Association.

Hydrogen in the domestic setting is seeing up to £500 million in government funding on trials for homes using hydrogen, starting with a Hydrogen Neighbourhood in 2023, moving to a Hydrogen Village by 2025, with an aim for a Hydrogen Town – equivalent to tens of thousands of homes – before the end of the decade. Of this funding, £240 million will be for hydrogen production facilities.

Rinnai has made data and information contributions and had close consultations with the lead research agency primed with advising the UK government.

Chris explained: “All questions and queries on the growing consensus on the suitability of hydrogen as the replacement for all fossil-fuels will be answered by the Hub. Zero carbon cannot be achieved via zero information on the strategies needed to achieve the goal”.