Installers, or homeowners, can build a tailor-made zoning solution using evohome – which lets consumers easily manage their home temperature room-by-room via an app or locally – with just a few clicks on a phone, tablet, or laptop. There is no sign-up required to use the tool or download the detailed system builder evaluation.

The system builder tool is a simple four-step process that provides a detailed downloadable evaluation of all necessary parts needed to build the right evohome smart zoning solution for the property:

  1. Input property requirements – including current heat source system details
  2. Input room details
  3. Input accessories needed
  4. Evaluation report produced – outlining part numbers and descriptions per room.

Martin Wilson, North EMEA Regional Director at Resideo, said: "We have been providing smart zoning solutions for around 15 years. By offering a reliable and trusted smart solution – which is compatible with many smart home technologies – around 320,000 evohome systems have been installed across Europe. This means nearly two million rooms in European homes are being controlled in way that helps homeowners to be more energy efficient.

"Our system builder tool now makes it even easier for installers to understand exactly what they need to configure to put the power to smartly monitor and control home comfort into the hands of their customers."

The all-in-one features of evohome include:

  • A universal zoning solution that has included specific heat pump settings since 2020
  • Wide heat source compatibility – in addition to heat pumps, evohome also works with traditional and modern high efficiency combi-boilers, district heating, pellet burners and electric heaters
  • Comfort in every room in all seasons that includes cooling functionality for heat pumps – easily switch control between heating and cooling mode in each individual zone, keeping comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Improved boiler performance through patented technology – patented Advanced Load Scaling technology limits inefficient high boiler temperatures and runs the boiler in its most efficient mode. This includes warm weather shutdown capability through the winter and summer transition.
  • Smart weather control – improved zone comfort control and energy consumption, based on outside temperature, room temperature, and a feature that learns the heat losses in each room.

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