Following the popularity of the white finish, launched earlier this year, these two new colour options provide additional options for matching home décor. Indeed, the latest BEAMA industry stats show that installers could help customers save up to 10% on their heating bills by upgrading existing heating controls to the highly efficient Honeywell Home DT4 Room Thermostat.

As with the white option, the black and grey DT4 Room Thermostats can be installed as a standalone thermostat or part of a wider home comfort solution with products such as the HCC100 underfloor multi-zone controller and evohome multi-zoning system. DT4 Room Thermostats are also compatible with a range of hybrid and greener energy systems and energy-efficient solutions.

The range offers installers:

  • A slim modern design that blends into the décor of a consumer's home
  • A versatile room thermostat that can be integrated into both new and older style heating systems
  • Wired or wireless communication with options for time proportional (TPI) or modulating appliance control
  • Works with on/off and OpenTherm compatible heating and cooling appliances, such as boilers, heat pumps, and district heating systems
  • A solution to help consumers improve the energy efficiency in their homes through its eco-mode functionality, which reduces or boosts room temperature for a set period of time
  • An advanced choice that can work with smart heat zoning solutions, including underfloor heating.

Resideo says the range remains simple to recommend to customers for the following reasons:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Five year warranty comes as standard
  • Designed for compatibility    
  • Backwards compatible with existing Honeywell Home wireless products
  • Works with a range of boilers, zone valves, solid fuel heaters and electric boilers
  • Works with a range of greener energy systems such as heat pumps and underfloor heaters.

Martin Wilson, Sales Director at Resideo, said: “Installers play a vital role in helping homeowners select the most effective upgrades for their heating system. The Honeywell Home DT4 ticks so many boxes. It has proved a popular choice for installers wanting a control that can work effectively with a wide range of energy sources, from boilers to heat pumps. For customers, it looks good, remains simple to use and has the reassurance of a five year warranty.

“The sleek look was specifically designed to appeal to both installers and customers. Now, the addition of two new colour options gives an even greater choice for this versatile and efficient control."

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