TMV3-certified thermostatic mixing valves can (TMVs) play a vital role in protecting building occupants from scalding when they use hot water. As such, Resideo is proud to announce that the Resideo Braukmann TM200VP thermostatic mixing valve has been independently recertified to this standard, helping to deliver hot water safely to users of commercial buildings.

According to BEAMA’s (British Electrotechnical and Allied Manufacturers' Association) ‘Recommended Code of Practice for Safe Water Temperatures’, TMVs are designed to ‘accurately control water temperatures for baths, showers, hand-wash basins and bidets’. This is necessary because system water is maintained at 60°C to eliminate legionella and other harmful bacteria. But water this hot is too dangerous to touch, therefore the temperature needs to be reduced with TMVs for the comfort and safety of users at points of discharge.

The Resideo Braukmann TM200VP was one of the first TMVs to be certified by the TMV3 scheme when it was established in 1997. The programme came about after a call from the UK NHS Estates office for an enhanced test regime for TMVs that can react to a cold-water failure, in order to reduce the number of injuries and deaths resulting from patients being lowered into scalding baths.  Administered by NSF International (formerly Buildcert), the scheme now tests and certifies TMVs to ensure they meet specific industry standards for applications as described in the NHS Estates Model Engineering Specification D08.

Matt Watson, Commercial and Industrial Sales Leader at Resideo, said: “Providing hot water that’s safe for sanitary purposes is a basic requirement in any commercial building, without compromising on methods that keep legionella and other harmful bacteria at bay. We are proud to supply a solution that has been setting the bar for achieving this objective for over two decades.

“In the current climate, it has become more important than ever before to maintain high standards of personal hygiene. Now that the TM200VP has been recertified, building owners and contractors who choose it can play their role in helping to stop the spread of germs and viruses by providing hot water at a suitable temperature for safe and comfortable hand washing and bathing.”

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