The report, which predicts that the wet-room sector will see phenomenal growth over the next few years, has been welcomed by ventilation specialist HiB.

According to the latest AMA Research study, the UK wet-room market is expected to grow by 34% by 2019, constituting one of the fastest growing sectors in the British bathroom market.

The market analyst attributes the rapid growth to an influx of product innovations and falling prices – with the growth of wet room installation expected to increase by 7 to 8% a year for the next two years.

More recently, a separate study revealed that a wet-room is one of the most desired home improvements in the UK, second only to a home cinema, as the bathroom continues to take precedence in the home.

Steve Kaye, marketing director at HiB said: “These strong market predictions come as no surprise at all. With simple, minimalism continuing to dominate bathroom design, a wet-room offers a sleek, clean look working to further enhance the contemporary feel.

“In addition, a wet-room is an incredibly functional choice – it can add the illusion of more space in small bathrooms while also ensuring ease of accessibility – an important consideration in homes where the elderly or less able are present.”

However, Mr Kaye did add that when designing a wetroom, a key consideration should be adequate ventilation.

“Unfortunately, fans and ventilation are often seen as an afterthought by installers, retailers and consumers when it comes to choosing a wet-room. However, it is a critical consideration; after all, there is no point in splashing out on a beautiful wet-room style bathroom only to let it become ruined by damp and mould,” he explained.