Keeping products in use for longer forms a key part of Screwfix’s sustainability strategy, that’s why earlier this year, we began selling refurbished tools directly to our customers. The initial trial was hugely successful, and the trade has shown how much it values the opportunity to buy in a more sustainable way. 

In fact, the range has proven so popular that we are extending it further by adding another 100 refurbished power tools to the offer, joining the 66 options already available to purchase from our website. This year we aim to refurbish and sell 100,000 items. 

Refurbishing power tools is a process based on circular economy principles. The renewal process ensures less waste is created, as fewer power tools are discarded. This approach also reduces demand for raw materials required to manufacture new power tools. As a result, emissions are cut also. 

We know our customers are already making sustainable choices every day, from recommending smart technology to improve the energy efficiency of heating systems, through to installing air source heat pumps. The success of the initial trial is another demonstration of this.  

There are other reasons why we believe refurbished power tools have proven so popular with tradespeople. For example, we know many customers have appreciated the cost savings they offer. While, for some, the peace of mind provided by the one-year guarantee covering products in the range is an extra value.

We understand that the quality of power tools is paramount, meaning providing customers high quality and affordable refurbished items is important. A robust renewal process ensure the quality of the products is what the trade expects and needs to complete jobs effectively. 

When products are returned, they are fully PAT and functionality tested. All components and instructions are checked, so installers have everything they need to use the tool. They are also supplied with all accessories. 

Finally, when hard at work, power tools get dirty, so every refurbished tool is thoroughly cleaned before it goes on sale.

Where it is not possible to repair and refurbish a faulty product, we recover spare parts and recycle the rest in line with Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations, with an ambition to reduce waste and send nothing to landfills.

Giving products a second lease of life is an opportunity many in the trade have already taken up. For those who have yet to consider if refurbished power tools should join their tool box or van, it’s worth looking into if you’re considering reducing your impact on the environment.