The power of social media was apparent between 2 and 8 October with Quality Plumber Week receiving widespread industry support from installers, suppliers and manufacturers.

Run by the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors (APHC), Quality Plumber Week, or QPW17, as it is referred to, aimed to bring the plumbing and heating industry together in order to champion the important role that plumbers and heating engineers play in keeping people healthy, warm and safe.

The key message for QPW17 was around the importance of continuous skills development and to remind the public about checking the credentials of their plumbing and heating engineer before work commences.

Peter Booth, better known as @pbplumber, said: "I was honoured to be asked to get involved with QPW17 by APHC, as we do a vital job keeping people healthy and clean. I love promoting those in our trade who keep their work to a high standard and incorporate best practice in a world of plastic pipe and fastest way possible plumbers."

Anne Timpany, Co-founder and Director of commercial plumbing firm On Tap Plumbers said: “Our team of 47 plus plumbers work on multimillion pound construction sites and whether the building is for commercial or residential use, we ensure that our plumbers are experienced and qualified. We are happy to highlight the importance of checking the credentials of a plumbing and heating contractor as the health and safety of people working or living in a building is paramount.

John Thompson, CEO at APHC commented, “I would like to personally thank everyone who took part in the week as it was fabulous to see so many examples of high quality work which included many bathroom, washroom and boiler installations. I hope that the industry will continue to promote the importance of good workmanship throughout the year and that future Quality Plumber Weeks will continue to shine a light on the many highly qualified and proficient professionals that we have in our industry.”

QPW17 encouraged plumbers and heating engineers to showcase their work by taking photographs and sharing them on social media.

The week was blessed by @GasManGod and this year’s Plumber of the Year, Drew Styles, made a video encouraging fellow plumbers and heating engineers to get involved.