Punctuality is the single most desirable quality that homeowners look for in a tradesperson, according to new research by Plentific.com

The home services marketplace's latest survey also revealed that 81% feel they are more likely to hire a tradesperson who can talk them through the process of their project.

Communication as well as organisation appear to dominate the list of most desirable qualities, which shows how much homeowners value professionalism when hiring the trades. According to the results, 78% are more likely to hire a tradesperson if they send through a professional quote, while 69% are more likely to choose a tradesperson if they create a solid schedule.

Appearances ranked nearer the bottom of the list, with a 'modern, clean and professional looking van' only influencing 47% of homeowners, and a branded uniform influencing just 22%. Sitting at the bottom of the table, a tradesperson's age has the lowest impact on the homeowner's likelihood of hiring, regardless of whether they are older (19%) or younger (7%).

Looking at the results by location, a tradesman's punctuality has the highest influence in Sheffield and Edinburgh, with 91% of local respondents admitting they were more likely to hire someone with this quality.

London displays similar preferences to the national average. Punctuality, talking through the process of a job and responding promptly in communication all share the top spot, with 83% of respondents calling them the most desirable qualities for an installer to have.

Spokesperson for Plentific, Stephen Jury, said: "While all of these qualities can help a tradesman get hired, it is clear from our findings that appearances make less of an impact on a homeowner's decisions. Organisation is key: arriving on time, being prompt in communication and generally having a polite and positive manner will make potential clients more likely to hire a tradesperson.

"To improve the odds of hiring, tradespeople should focus more on their schedule, process and attitude before spending their well-earned money on appearances!"