Pump World has added two designs to its Systempro range of mains boosting all-in-one package solutions. The new Systempro 10.1 and Systempro 12.1 packages have been designed for large properties that require continual generation of hot water.

Devised by Pump World’s in-house technical team, Systempro 10.1 and 12.1 include stainless steel rapid recovery cylinders that use high-gain coils or plate-heat exchangers in place of standard primary coils. This allows the quantities of generated hot water to go far beyond the capacity of standard coil-type unvented cylinders. For example, when connected to a 40kw boiler, a standard 300l system can generate over 1700l of hot water, enough for 15 generous baths or 30 showers.

As with all Pump World’s Systempro packages, Systempro 10.1 and 12.1 are designed to reduce the time you spend on mains boosting sourcing and specification by providing an all-in-one package bespoke to the end user’s requirements. Every Systempro includes a booster set, hot water cylinder, break tank, heating circulator, and water treatment solution, as standard.

Systempro designs can then be amended to each property’s individual requirements, ensuring optimum performance. For example, waste-water sets can be added, or even submersible pumps if the property is prone to flooding. Systempro 10.1 and 12.1 complement the existing range of Systempro packages, giving a greater selection for installers and end-users alike. Fully supported by Pump World’s technical team, any questions or amendments will be answered with a friendly chat on the phone or by email.