The comprehensive range provides a fully customisable design, and offers solutions for a multitude of projects. The expanded series consists of:

Air-cooled chillers, heat pumps and condensing units - ECOi-W range
Panasonic’s hydronic systems offer comfort and high efficiency by using outdoor air as the source of energy transfer. The range allows you to choose between several refrigerants: natural refrigerant R290 (GWP = 3) for a more sustainable solution, R32, R513A, or R410A. Capacities range from 20kW up to 1,240kW.

Water-cooled chillers, heat pumps and condenser-less units - ECOi-W range
The systems provide cold or hot water to water terminals, using water from an open or closed circuit as the source of energy transfer. This range works with R513A or R410A refrigerants. Capacities range from 20kW up to 1,650kW.

The ECOi-W range is equipped with different technologies, such as scroll and screw compressors, and different types of refrigerants. It also covers a wide application temperature from as low as -15°C for process cooling and up to 20°C to maintain IT cooling for sever rooms and data centres. Depending on the requirements of the installation site, ECOi-W ranges can be a flexible solution in several applications such as housing estates, hotels, and hospitals.

Fan coil units
A large range of fan coil units dedicated to energy savings, comfort, flexibility and quality. Available as cassette, ducted, floor, ceiling or wall-mounted units that offer a comfortable environment combined with the ECOi-W range of outdoor units.

Water source heat pumps
The new heat pumps feature a water loop system that enables distributed cooling and heating production at different temperatures with a single water circuit. The recovery of heat energy from the units in cooling mode can be used for units in heating and vice-versa, thus providing a balanced and highly efficient system. Suitable for hotels, offices, or shopping centres, this solution offers improved comfort by having several different indoor climates inside a building, while maintaining the energy through an internal closed water loop.

Rooftop units
Rooftop units provide a complete mono-bloc solution to heat and cool large buildings, and supply fresh air to places such as shopping centres, industrial sites or airports that require high capacities. It is an easy-to-install, space-saving solution, fitted directly on the roof or close to a building. Capacities range from 50kW up to 220kW.

Panasonic’s AC SELECT is an online selection software that offers a quick and easy tool to specify all the hydronic ranges and rooftops at required conditions, allowing users to choose and configure their ideal solution.

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