With Panasonic’s latest nanoe X Mark 3 technology built-in as standard, the Etherea ZKE series is designed to provide high-level comfort and improved indoor air quality, while setting a new standard in energy efficient, residential cooling solutions, according to the company.

Etherea boasts the highest energy rank of up to A+++ in heating and cooling and a super quiet operation noise level of just 19dB(A). The air-to-air technology allows for a highly energy-efficient solution with optimal performance year round.

Panasonic’s innovative nanoe X Generator Mark 3 is the latest of the continuously evolving technology, producing the largest amount of hydroxyl radicals at 48 trillion per second. Hydroxyl radicals are abundant in nature and have the capacity to inhibit five types of pollutants and allergens, including certain viruses and bacteria as well as odours, to clean and deodorise hard surfaces and soft furnishings.

Nanoe X works independently from the heating and cooling operation when the unit is in fan mode, thus improving protection and the indoor environment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The units also feature an inside cleaning operation which uses nanoe X technology on the filter, evaporator, and air outlet.

The Etherea range features Aerowings 2.0 technology, which consists of two independent flexible vanes that concentrate airflow to heat or cool a room in the shortest time possible and help distribute air evenly throughout a room.

The units are available in graphite grey, silver and pure white matt finishes, allowing for a wide choice to suit any interior. 

Additionally, the units also come with an easy-to-use remote controller with an ergonomic design and tapered rear housing for the most comfortable grip. 

For the ultimate convenience, the units come with built-in Wi-Fi and feature advanced smart control and voice control, compatible with leading voice assistants in the market.

The Etherea ZKE series is compatible with Panasonic Comfort Cloud app, which can easily be setup through the given QR code. The app is designed to easily manage all system functions via a smart device. It allows for increased energy efficiency and cost-savings, thanks to the ability to remotely control air conditioners and monitor energy consumption.

The range is available in single and multi-split from 2.05kW to 7.10kW, and the graphite grey units has a new capacity of 4.2kW.  


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