Currently, there are no restrictions on the purchase of gas boilers, cookers, fires, even though only Gas Safe-registered engineers are legally allowed to install them. 

The petition also proposes the introduction of a register of who has bought the product and where the product has been fitted, to ensure that there is a comprehensive record of purchases and installations. 

By banning members of the public and other non-competent individuals from purchasing these items and keeping track of those who have, it is hoped that the number of rogue, unsafe installations will be reduced.

Jimmy Hendry, Master Plumber and Fellow at the CIPHE, said: "If you look through the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website you will find that there are many news items containing convictions of unregistered gas fitters and installers. The HSE only prosecute after the fact.

"My first thought is always 'Well, how did we allow them to buy it in the first place?' Along with Jimmy Adkins of Access Training, I started a governmental petition to allow only Gas Safe-registered engineers to purchase gas boilers, cookers, and fires. This action will cut the legs out from under the rogue element within the gas trade.

"For too long we have as an industry complained about the rogue aspect and a good number of engineers attend faulty installations which never make the HSE website. This is an action that each and every competent gas engineer can do so that the government can be made aware of the full extent of the issue."

To sign the petition, click the link here.

For more of Jimmy's thoughts on the issue, read his article on the subject here.