Designed to protect tradespeople's livelihoods, the device offers a host of features that the company says makes it an invaluable asset to any tradesperson, providing not only peace of mind but also enhancing the chances of recovering stolen tools.

The ARMD Guard is engineered with one primary mission: safeguarding tools and equipment. Its key benefits are tailored to address the specific needs of tradespeople, ensuring that your tools remain safe and secure.

The 'plug and play' alarm can be set up within two minutes, with no technical knowledge required. You simply plug it into the OBD port in your van. The alarm is powered by your vehicle's OBD port, ensuring that it remains operational without draining your van's battery. The ARMD Guard will protect your tools without compromising your vehicle's performance.

One of ARMD Guard's stand-out features is its silent alert system. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, ARMD Guard discreetly calls you while the criminals are in action, without them knowing. This allows you to take swift action, potentially leading to the capture of the culprits and the recovery of your stolen tools.

ARMD recently added a new Auto-Scheduling for the alarm, allowing users to schedule when the ARMD Guard can be scheduled to be switched on or off, saving time and hassle – you no longer have to keep remembering to turn it on at night or off in the morning if you leave for work at a fixed time.   

The built-in GPS technology allows you to track your van's location and movements in real-time. Whether you need to keep tabs on your vehicle or recover it in case of theft, it has you covered. You can arm and disarm your ARMD Guard with ease via the app, ensuring your van is always protected when you need it to be.  

The sensor in ARMD Guard boasts a seven year battery life, offering extended protection without the hassle of frequent battery replacements.

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