Modern heat generators, such as heat pumps and condensing boilers work most effectively at low temperatures (below 45°C). The new iVector S2 is the ideal fan convector for heating systems with low temperatures, the company says.

Key product features include:

  • Clever, efficient operation at low temperatures
  • Fast-response heating and cooling at low system temperatures
  • Suitable for both heat pumps and condensing boilers
  • Various installation options
  • Environmentally smart heating and cooling.

The iVector S2 offers many advantages, Myson says. It maintains a higher heat output at lower system temperatures than competitive products to provide significant energy savings. The combination of low water content and an axial fan means it responds more quickly to fluctuations in room temperature in order to meet comfort requirements at all times. And the iVector S2 has a sleek, compact design and offers many installation options such as wall mounted (with or without feet), wall recessed, ceiling mounted, ceiling recessed, or freestanding, for optimal flexibility in interior design.

iVector S2 is also suitable for commercial applications, such as conference rooms, reception areas, businesses and hotel rooms, where several fan convectors can be managed using a single remote control. It is also perfect for domestic applications, especially in rooms which might only be used occasionally, for example guest rooms or hobby rooms.

The iVector S2 works well with condensing boilers but is also suitable for use with a heat pump, which is a more sustainable and low carbon alternative to condensing boilers. After a succession of hot summers, more and more people are choosing to have cooling in their homes, and the iVector S2 can be paired with a reversible heat pump to offer both heating and cooling functions.

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