The tool's compact and comfortable design features a rubber-coated handle for enhanced grip and control. It uses a quick-chuck system and is supplied with a quick-chuck bit holder and eight 25mm long 1/4"-drive bits, including PzDrive Pz0, Pz1, Pz2, Pz3; flat 7mm, and Torx T15, T20, and T25. 

The Li-ion 3.6V 900mAh battery can be recharged through a USB socket on a PC or USB adaptor, in just 60 minutes. Once fully charged, the screwdriver provides an operating time of approximately 40 minutes. A red light indicates a need for charging, while a green light signifies a full charge. The USB charging cable is included in the pack.

The initial torque, when using electric power, is set to 3Nm to prevent over-tightening of screw fixings. However, up to 15Nm of torque can be applied for really tight screwing, or for unscrewing.

The screwdriver is equipped with an LED torch that automatically turns on when in use. This feature ensures visibility in dark and hard-to-reach areas, enhancing productivity and convenience.

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