Giving UK tradespeople a chance to use these often empty bus lanes on their way to an emergency job will help tradies get to homeowners in need, quicker, the company says.

With the autumn and winter months fast approaching, introducing these ‘van lanes’ could allow tradespeople to reach homeowners who are suffering the more serious consequences of the low temperatures. is calling for van drivers to be given priority to reach households suffering with emergency jobs, such as a boiler breakdown.

Other urgent call-outs giving prioritised use of bus lanes to tradespeople could include a gas leak, roof damage, a blown fuse box, or serious plumbing blockages.

The majority of bus lanes in the country are already opened up to taxis and motorcycles, and, according to the company, allowing tradies priority on those lanes could help save Brits suffering from urgent issues with their homes as soon as possible.

Tim Alcock from explained, “Allowing these van drivers to have priority on the roads, much like the police, fire or ambulance services do, will help many Brits who are stuck waiting for tradespeople to come and help fix their property issues.

“The new proposals to allow tradies to use the bus lanes will help keep millions of people safe and warm, especially as we begin to get into the colder months.

“Currently, tradespeople are having to wait in traffic along with the rest of non-urgent vehicles, despite needing to get to a job quickly to help vulnerable homeowners.

“Allowing these van drivers to make use of the often empty bus lanes and bypass traffic will help them get to a home significantly quicker to assist homeowners with their emergency call out instead of leaving them to suffer for even longer.”