Thanks to distinctive traffic light style colour coding, the five-layer PE-RT (polyethylene of raised temperature resistance) TraffiPipe construction informs installers and contractors that the pipework is in good condition before the installation progresses or, crucially, alerts them if pipework has become defective in any way during the supply and installation process.

Together with an integral, protected EVOH oxygen barrier, which prevents the water from oxidising in the heating system, TraffiPipe offers a "unique and unequalled UFH pipework solution," the company says.

Once installed, TraffiPipe will remain green if everything is looking safe to proceed; reveal a white/amber (polymer adhesive) layer if there is a risk, which requires further investigation; or expose a red (polymer adhesive) layer if the EVOH oxygen barrier has been passed, which means the pipework needs to be repaired or replaced.

Designed to stringent specifications by Ambiente technicians and manufactured in Germany to the highest international standards, Ambiente says, Traffipipe pipe is guaranteed against product defects for a lifetime. This allows installers to complete the job confidently and reassures homeowners regarding issues such as slow/weeping leaks in their floors. The ‘Type 0’ PERT TraffiPipe is also flexible, making it easy to bend and install, making light work of any project.

Sheldon Cooper, Managing Director at Ambiente Systems, said: “Pipework is the most significant single component of an underfloor heating system and the only part of the system that is entirely inaccessible once installed with floor finishes on top. With this in mind, we wanted to extend the Ambiente range with a unique and patented offering which makes the underfloor heating pipework for any installation accountable at every stage.

“As well as being ultra-flexible, TraffiPipe is the only underfloor heating pipework solution which offers visual peace of mind that the pipework is in good condition – from manufacture, transport, packaging, site logistics, installation, screeding/over-boarding, to post-completion additional works.

“Considering how invasive and expensive it is to investigate and remedy defective pipework when the final floor finish is in place, TraffiPipe is the only product available on the market which can support installers to achieve a seamless installation and reliable system performance for a lifetime.”

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