The fully optimised design of the compact Modular T, incorporating high quality components and the latest technology, delivers a long working life and a high level of efficiency, ensuring exceptional indoor air quality, the company says.

Daikin’s Modular T AHU filters outside air to remove external pollutants prior to supply and simultaneously extracts inside air, decreasing the concentration of indoor pollutants to ensure a constant supply of healthy fresh air.

Available in five different sizes,  with an air flow range from 200 m3/h up to more than 4000 m3/h, the Daikin Modular T offers a solution for diverse applications including schools, offices, gyms, and shops.

Its minimal footprint is one of the defining characteristics of the new Modular T unit. With a maximum depth of 890 mm for the largest model, installation is simple. Other sizes in the range are equally compact at 790mm, while the smallest unit (size 03) is only 550mm deep. In addition, larger models are supplied in sections for fast, easy transportation and handling.

The Modular T is available in two different configurations, right and left, and can be equipped with either of the following control platforms:

  • Smart controls – Daikin F1/F2 & P1/P2 protocols provide direct connectivity to the Daikin communication platform
  • Pro controls – Open control platform: the new Daikin Digital plug & play digital controls ensure an easy and quick start-up of the unit, as well as an efficient unit operation.

The new Modular T will be available from October 2022.

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