Its sturdy, low-profile design and high-quality, polyethylene construction means the Titan ESLP1200 Compact is well-suited to exposed sites, persistent strong winds, temperature fluctuations, and/or high levels of UV radiation.

In addition, along with the rest of the EcoSafe tank range, the ESLP1200 is HVO-ready, which means that it can safely store Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO). HVO is fully compatible with existing oil-fired boilers making it easy for property owners to switch to greener energy. 

The ESLP1200 is very easy to install, thanks largely to the fact that it has one of the smallest footprint on the market – just 1200x1800mm. This means that it will fit on just 12 concrete slabs (600x600mm), significantly cutting the time needed by an installer to lay a slab base.

Howver, the tank has other built-in attributes to help make installation as quick and easy as possible. 

For example, it weighs just 130kg, which will help with handling and manoeuvering, and comes with a Watchman Sonic Advanced Tank Pack to give installers everything they need to complete an installation. 

The ESLP1200 Compact is equipped with a bottom outlet as standard while top outlet versions are available on request. Channels moulded into each side of the tank are designed to contain any top outlet pipework.

All EcoSafe tanks are double-skinned, made from recyclable polyethylene, and include a Spillstop mechanical overflow-prevention device to safeguard against leaks and spills when the tank is being filled. The tanks have full regulatory and environmental compliance, and their durability is underlined by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.

Finally, all EcoSafe tanks now come supplied with the Watchman Sonic Advanced Oil Level Monitor, which allows customers to view their oil levels via a display plug. This unit can be upgraded to a SENSiT Smart Wifi device by purchasing a dongle.

Customers can then download an app free of charge and monitor their tank levels using their smartphone or tablet. Users also get access to additional features such as sudden-drop alerts, predicted run-out date. The device is compatible with Alexa.

And, for a limited time, Kingspan is giving away a SENSIT device free with every EcoSafe tank.

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