They are made from specially selected materials approved for use with drinking water. In continuous operation these specialist check valves are suitable for conditions up to 127°C.

High temperature check valves are found in heating systems, in solar heating systems up to 127°C, in thermostatic mixing valves, and sanitary taps exposed to high temperatures. Neoperl produce these valves in a high quality plastic material which is tried and tested in high temperature applications, the company says.

The valves are designed for easy mounting with optional retaining tabs and with a resistance to limescale build-up, chemical additives, and free chlorine compounds. The materials used in their production meet the requirements of UK Regulation 4 (WRAS, KIWA, NSF), as well as other worldwide approvals, such as ACS, KTW, NSF 61, and are certified by DVGW, SVGW, KIWA, CSTB, according to EN 13959.

These high temperature check valves are available in three versions OF (without snap-fit tabs), OV, and NV models (both with snap-fit tabs) in various sizes to suit the most popular situations.

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