The new Salvus MAP-HTi is a clean, pure 99.5% propylene that gives a hotter flame. It offers high performance in cold weather and works at a higher working pressure with maximum temperature of 1,985 degrees. The gas flow of 4g per minute gives 160 minutes working duration per canister. The gas is non-corrosive and will not degrade sealing rings. Its high purity prevents contaminant build up in the torch connection.

It’s compatible with most popular propane torches and with the new branded Salvus Turbo Torch which is suitable for use with propane and MAPP gas disposable cylinders.

Boasting a high burn temperature and adjustable flame, the burner tube can be rotated 360o for easy access and optimum operating conditions. With long lasting brass internal components, and a three year warranty, the Salvus gas Turbo Torch comes with a self-ignition Piezo spark ignition system, a temperature control valve, and a trigger lock.

It offers an adjustable flame size with a flame length up to 115mm and a flame diameter up to 12mm. And ut comes with a continuous flame lock and an auto shut off when the ignition button is released.

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