The NCB700 maximises recirculation of domestic hot water (DHW) in applications to significantly reduce water wastage and offer flow rates up to 22 litres per minute (at 35°C temperature rise).

The new boiler features a turndown ratio of 15:1, is hydrogen-ready, and can also achieve ErP A+ when used with Navien’s Smart Plus controller. It is available in two models capable of delivering up to 41kW and 54kW of hot water respectively.

By utilising a state of the art flow adjustment valve and auto mixing valve, the NCB700 is able to provide lashings of hot water to three showers or baths at the same time, with no changes in DHW temperature or flow rate. Plus, a built-in recirculation pump helps ensure hot water is supplied to taps faster than if using a traditional cylinder. This can be used in conjunction with the NaviCirc recirculation valve, which makes it even easier to set up a secondary hot water return system.

From an end-user perspective, the new combi unit is more economical to use than system or regular boilers, as there are no operational costs in terms of preheating or keeping water warm inside a cylinder. 

Every NCB700 boiler features a high quality and durable, ASME-certified, stainless steel heat exchanger, ensuring a long lifespan, alongside strong reliability and performance. This core component has been designed and developed to maximise heat transfer efficiently, as well as cope with a range of high temperatures and pressures – without compromising hot water delivery.

In addition, there is a built-in, text-driven digital display panel; simple to program and use, it includes a two-channel timer and allows end users to monitor their energy usage with ease.

Jason Davies, National Business Manager at Navien, said: “As the design of UK homes has evolved over the years, so too has demand for hot water, especially when there are three bathrooms or more. We’re delighted to introduce the NCB700 combi boiler to the market, as it provides a reliable and high quality means of providing ample hot water for even the largest of families.

"Not only does our 54kW model match lower capacity boilers for price, it also removes the need for a cumbersome cylinder – freeing up valuable storage space and eliminating having to wait for water to heat up. The range also uses less gas compared to the system boilers traditionally used in larger properties, which end-users will appreciate, given the ongoing increases in energy prices.”

He continued: “The boilers are also hydrogen-ready, which is great from a sustainability standpoint, as they can operate using a mixture of 20% hydrogen and 80% natural gas. Plus, their DHW generating capabilities are further enhanced by the high TDR of 15;1, which ensures water can be heated rapidly – preventing anyone from having to suffer a cold shower.”

The new boilers successfully combine high quality components with precision controls to create an intelligent and reliable heating and hot water product. The units have been designed to be fitted and used in conjunction with Navien’s Smart Plus control pack; doing so results in an overall, industry leading A+ ErP energy rating.

The NCB700 also benefits from a keyless filling link; as no key or hose is required, repressurising the heating system is easy for installers and homeowners alike.

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