Inspired by the infinity symbol and its similarity to the letters 'O' and 'N', the company created ‘Navien ON’. This reflects the boilers’ ability to deliver rapid hot water, constant temperatures, and hot water for up to three showers at once.

Navien says that ON presents a change in traditional thinking, helping eliminate any delays in hot water delivery, whatever the time of day. This concept allows washing up and multiple showers to take place simultaneously, with no changes in hot water temperature or comfort.

Commenting on the new concept, Jason Davies, National Business Manager at Navien, said: “By putting hot water first, Navien ON maximises comfort, alleviating the stress from everyday life. We’ve successfully created an energy efficient and future-proof method of prioritising hot water performance – which should be embraced by installers and homeowners alike. Thanks to Navien ON, the possibilities are infinite.”

The NCB700 ON combi gas boiler is the first product of its type capable of delivering hot water for up to three bathrooms simultaneously, Navien claims. The NCB700 ON maximises recirculation of domestic hot water (DHW) to significantly reduce water wastage and offer flow rates up to 22 litres per minute (at 35°C temperature rise). It also dramatically reduces gas usage, saving 38% on average per year.

The future-proof boiler also features a turndown ratio of 15:1, is hydrogen-ready (20% blend), and can also achieve ErP A+ when used with Navien’s Smart Plus controller. It is available in two models capable of delivering up to 42kW and 54kW of hot water, respectively.

In addition, the NCB500 ON can fit comfortably inside a cupboard with ease due to its compact 280mm depth, while this energy-saving boiler boasts the same high-quality construction as the NCB700 ON. It can achieve hot water outputs of up to 41kW while boasting an ErP efficiency of 93%. Plus, thanks to Navien’s flow adjustment valve and auto mixing valve, the NCB500 ON is able to provide lots of hot water, with no changes in DHW temperature or flow rate. The boiler also features a built-in, text-driven, digital display panel. Simple to program and use, it includes a two-channel timer and allows energy usage to be monitored with ease.

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