Jonathan Brennan, Chairman of NAADUK, said: “I would like to express my thanks not only to the members of NAADUK who have put this document together but also to the other associations, institutions and universities that have supplied time, knowledge, and expertise to support and enhance this guidance.

"It is NAADUK's hope that this will not only help ductwork technicians but also insurers, procurement departments, specifiers, and trainers in delivering safety, compliance, and assuring competence within our industry. Following the tragedy at Grenfell it is important to this association that this advice is made freely available to all."

NAAD21 is a collaboration between experts in our industry and other associations, putting together a completely easy to read reference document for both Grease and Air (Indoor Air Quality).

It is embedded throughout the GT0F 04 SCQF Level 5 (NVQ2): Ventilation Hygiene Certificate and forms the core of the qualification, covering the practises and procedures of the BSEHV11, the National Occupational Standard for cleaning industrial and commercial ventilation systems. This is a qualification that until now has not been available within the industry. This 134 page document is to be given freely, at no charge to all interested parties.

NAADUK says its aim is to raise the bar of competency and awareness in ventilation hygiene for the many. NAAD21 enables technicians to demonstrate their professional competency and offers building owners a guidance document to use as reference.

Inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of ductwork has become an important part of building facility requirements to meet the growing need for better indoor air quality in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and building energy efficiencies. Insurance companies are aware of the essential requirement to undertake cleaning of ventilation systems to prevent the build-up of grease and dust in ducts, which will help prevent fires.

Along with the regulatory law EC852, the HSE requirements, CDM regulations, and BS standards state that all building owners should be aware of their responsibility to the occupants of the building and ensure that a competent accredited company conducts regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance of ductwork.

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