According to Julian Clegg, Product Manager at Myson UK, “The Unisenza Plus range is the logical next step with a wireless heating control solution that allows users to easily connect and control numerous heating and cooling devices at the touch of a button. The Plus refers to the extended range of possibilities and compatible products as well as the added value of a completely wireless network that allows for optimum flexibility in both new construction and renovation projects. 

“With only a few components such as the Unisenza Plus Gateway, the Electronic Thermostatic Head, the wireless thermostat and receiver, it’s very easy to make different combinations and configure the entire building with a single control range. The gateway can connect up to 100 end devices, for example, boiler, room thermostats, bathroom radiators, electric radiators, radiators with smart TRV’s, etc, allowing for a fully tailored indoor climate comfort solution that evolves with the building as well as the occupants’ needs and habits. That, in turn, leads to more comfort and energy efficiency, a win for the end users’ budget and also for the environment.”

Each of the Unisenza Plus products can easily be paired and linked to the Unisenza Plus Gateway to form an integrated network that is controllable via the Unisenza Plus app. Users can monitor and control all the linked heat transfer systems through the app, wherever and whenever they want. In other words, the central heating system becomes more controllable and is very easy to adapt to daily habits.

The app enables users to prevent unoccupied rooms from being heated unnecessarily, and ensures a comfortable temperature exactly where and when it is needed. What’s more, the app allows for multiple gateways to be added, so users can control the heating system in their home as well as, for example, their holiday home or second residence, from a single app.

Clegg continued: “Both the wired Unisenza and wireless Unisenza Plus heating controls allow you to create a zone temperature control system, and set a desired temperature based on personal preferences for each individual room. Our research shows that, compared to a standard control system with on/off control of a single zone, this can lead to energy savings of up to 24%, a significant number which speaks of the ability of Unisenza and Unisenza Plus to create a future-proof heating system that’s able to meet increasingly rigid energy standards.

“With smart heating solutions such as Unisenza and Unisenza Plus it’s easier than ever before to contribute to a better future and to do so at an affordable price. You pick and mix only those elements that are needed from a single range to compose an optimal system. No unnecessary extras, only a straightforward and easy-to-install combination of aligned elements that ensures a cost-efficient upgrade of any property.

“With buildings accounting for a third of the global energy consumption, they are an important focus point in our journey to reach climate neutrality by 2050. Improving the energy efficiency in existing building stock and newbuilds can be achieved with better insulation, more efficient windows, etc, but once the building envelope has been optimised it is important to consider the heating system. A proper heating system in which the heat generator, emitters and controls are all aligned will ensure optimal efficiency, and that’s where our new Unisenza Plus wireless control range comes in.”

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