The Maxima manifolds boast a 43% bigger bore, which enables a higher volumetric flow rate for greater efficiency. The range is available with up to 16 ports, and includes an automatic air vent and pressure gauge, which makes the manifolds more installer friendly. The products can also be positioned as left or right-handed, giving greater flexibility during installation.

On larger projects, where previously multiple manifolds may have been required, the new Maxima range allows a larger area to be covered using only a single manifold. This will result in less space being required. Installers will also benefit from labour time being heavily reduced, along with fewer materials needed, resulting in significant cost savings.

Multipipe’s high specifications and construction ensure superior flow (compared to other products which use brass and composites). Manufactured in Europe, using only high-quality raw materials and components, the manifolds come with ISO9001 and 14001 certifications, which include pressure testing, and each manifold bar being approved off the production line.

Mike Young, co-founder and Managing Director at Multipipe, said: “We have been listening to installers and we’re extremely proud to launch the new manifold range as a UK first.

“The Maxima follows months of research and development, with Multipipe’s product development team working closely with its selected manufacturer to specify the final product. I believe the new manifold will be a real game-changer, and already we’re seeing a lot of interest.

“We recognise the importance of dynamically changing our products and continuing to ensure quality, whilst remaining as cost efficient as possible. Our deep levels of technical support and expertise help installers to complete their work to the highest standards.”

Multipipe’s experts are on hand to advise and provide a free of charge quotation, complete with CAD design, drawing and estimation service.

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