The NordFlex+ is BMS compatible and allows up to 16 units to be operated from one device. Controllability is further enhanced by its remote monitoring capabilities.

The NordFlex+ uses cascade logic to ensure the heat pump system always achieves the highest COP. The controller manages the compressor speed of all the heat pumps in the system to maximise efficiency in line with heating demand. This ensures the running time (and fuel consumption) of the heat pumps is evened out for optimum system efficiency and reliability. A single “daisy chain” data cable creates a control network of heat pumps and NordFlex+, so an isolated power supply to each outdoor unit minimises cable installation.

The controller is capable of simultaneously handling up to four mixed heating/cooling circuits with different temperature zones. This is achieved by prioritising the heating circuit with the highest heating demand to run the system, while adjusting down to the temperature for the rest of the circuits simply by controlling the mixing valves. All the necessary settings can be easily adjusted on the touchscreen display, enabling the creation of simultaneous cooling, heating and DHW production.

A key benefit of the NordFlex+ is its multifunctional control capabilities, allowing it to be designed into a huge range of projects without the need for any additional programming. To simplify commissioning, engineers can preconfigure the control to suit a building’s heating system, so it is ready to use when it arrives on-site.

As it is designed for hybrid systems, the NordFlex+ controller works with a range of additional heating technologies and systems, including boilers, district heating networks and heat pumps. According to the company, using the NordFlex+ controller’s configuration tool allows for the creation of a hybrid, flexible and futureproof system, incorporating heat pumps and other energy sources. With the addition of an expansion board, it can even connect multiple buildings such as factories, offices and housing, as well as create a small district heating grid, also known as a ‘microgrid’. Communication with a Building Management System is achieved with MODBUS TCP.

Commenting on the controller, Ian Bradley, Managing Director of Modutherm, said: “Our sustainable product offering is further enhanced by the NordFlex+. The controller allows for the integration of additional heat sources to create a hybrid system that can heat, cool and generate DHW at the same time. Plus, as it can be customised to incorporate additional inputs and outputs, the controller offers the additional benefit of precise, real-time energy monitoring.”

The algorithms used by the NordFlex+ are the result of more than 40 years’ development of heat pump controllers for northern climates. The device makes it possible to balance an energy system, producing energy when demand and cost of electricity is low, and using the stored energy when needed.

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