To date, typical integrated heat pump cylinders have been large and slow, taking anywhere between six to 10 hours to reheat.

Recently awarded the Housebuilder Brand New Product of the Year Award, the iHP brings with it all the smart advances offered by the Mixergy range, including top-down heating, smart tariff use and machine learning.

In particular, thanks to Mixergy’s patented smart Stratos technology – a modular heat pump which heats water from the top down, usable hot water is available up to 10 times faster than rivals (under 30 minutes as opposed to 10 hours). 

This allows the user to optimise their energy use to save even more on their energy output and carbon footprint.

The Mixergy iHP, which comes with a 25-year warranty on the cylinder (five times longer than alternative products on the market), also benefits from being up to a third smaller than rival systems on the market.

This makes it far more practical and, because the heat pump can be detached from the cylinder, it is easier to transport, fit and maintain.

Pete Armstrong, CEO of Mixergy, said: “We are thrilled to have won Product of the Year from Housebuilder which recognises our new integrated Heat Pump (iHP) cylinder. The iHP delivers hot water ten times faster within a product designed to last four times longer than alternative systems on the market.

“Combining Mixergy’s ‘heat what you need’ approach to hot water storage alongside the capability of our state of charge sensor, connectivity and machine learning, the iHP is future proofed to make the most of renewable energy whether it comes from rooftop solar PV or flexible tariffs connected to offshore wind.”

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