Miller Installations, Norfolk, has found the perfect heat emitter for solid wall homes using air source heat pumps: the EcoPowerad® fan convector from Smith’s.

Miller Installations specialises in air and ground source heat pump installation as one of its renewable solutions and owner Peter Miller had considered alternative heat emitters, such as smart radiators but he found them too expensive with too many unnecessary features which made the project costs for his customers unrealistic. He had also seen domestic heat pump projects in solid wall homes where rival firms were recommending standard radiators with huge dimensions, 3m x 2m, which aesthetically would be untenable for any ordinary living room or other domestic space. This particular project concerned Mr & Mrs Norfolk’s home which had an old oil-powered boiler and radiators that struggled to successfully keep the solid wall home sufficiently warm. The couple were looking for an alternative heating system that would improve the quality of their lives and reduce their heating bills.

Miller Installations recommended an air source heat pump paired with Smith’s EcoPowerads in all downstairs rooms and traditional radiators upstairs in the bedrooms. Mrs Norfolk liked the look of the Smith’s EcoPowerads® and the couple were keen to choose a renewable energy source. The solid wall home already had reasonable insulation and double glazing. Once the heat pump was installed, it was able to operate at the lower water temperatures required to achieve its optimum efficiency because it was paired with the Smith’s fan convectors. The new heating system created a wonderfully warm home and they are already enjoying lower heating bills.

Peter Miller commented, “I take tremendous pride in the work we do for our customers. We want to give them the best solution, with hard-working products that will deliver the warm, energy-efficient homes they’re looking for. Smith’s Eco-Powerads® have been a real hit with all our customers that have had them installed. It means we can offer a true solution, combining the best all-round affordable heat emitter on the market confidently and effectively with the air source heat pumps we supply.”

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