Tested by the trade, the ARMD GUARD silently watches over your tools and, in the event of a break-in, the alarm triggers a phone call notification. This instant alert allows you to take immediate action by calling the police and catching them in the act while it locates and tracks your van, if it is stolen, with the inbuilt GPS.

Many tool thieves use 'peeling' – the cutting and bending back of a van panel – to get into the loading bay where tools are normally kept. Many van alarms do not respond to this type of activity.

No technical knowledge is needed to set up the ARMD GUARD in the van; it has been developed to be a simple plug and play installation in just two minutes. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with the ARMD App, so that all your tool inventory, security, insurance, tool, and van location is all in one place.

“When ARMD was launched, we promised that smart technology would form part of our tool protection package and after rigorous testing with the trade we are delighted to fulfil that promise,” says Devin Chawda, co-founder of ARMD. 

“The ARMD GUARD means the trade can now have total tool protection which includes dedicated tool insurance, the ARMD GUARD alarm, a tool inventory app and a deterrent van sticker from just £9.99 per month. These all work together to bring a superior layer of protection to your livelihood.”

If the worst does happen, ARMD can still get you back to work with fast, self-service digital insurance claims, the company says. Recently an ARMD user who was a victim of tool theft was back on the tools within three days of the claim being made. Normally that can take anything up to five weeks or longer.

“It is fair to say we have transformed the way tradespeople can protect their tools and protect their livelihoods,” continued Devin. “We believe the launch of our smart technology and the peace of mind it can bring to busy tradespeople has tipped the favour back towards the good guys in the ongoing battle against tool theft.”


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