The pocket-sized clamp range includes the CM55 AC Clamp, CM57 TRMS AC Smart Clamp, and the CM79 TRMS AC/DC Clamp, combining specification and measuring capabilities with reliability and ease of use. The clamps meet the exacting requirements of electricians and service teams working on both AC and DC systems, from basic AC measurements through to min/max monitoring of start-up and charging currents, the company says. All the clamps are auto-ranging and measure current to better than 2% accuracy.

The entry level CM55 is a high performance AC clamp meter which measures AC current up to 400A, AC/DC voltage, and resistance with continuity test. The compact design also enables accurate and reliable current measurement down to 10mA resolution without the need to break into the circuit.

Following on from the CM55, is the CM57 TRMS Smart Clamp Multimeter which measures AC current up to 600A, AC/DC voltage, resistance with continuity test plus capacitance, frequency, and diode test, making it well suited to HVAC applications. Featuring a high contrast backlit display with a hold facility for working in low light and hard to reach areas, the CM57 also includes a Smart function, which automatically detects and switches between resistance and capacitance measurements. The advanced jaw design has a built-in non-contact voltage detector to easily identifying live cable runs.

True RMS measurement ensures accurate and reliable AC current and voltage measurement for distorted waveforms generated by today’s power electronics and non-linear loads. Non-True RMS clamps can frequently give readings up to 50% lower than the actual value in these common applications.

The CM79 TRMS Clamp meter features AC and DC current measurement up to 600A with Min/Max for monitoring maximum loads, start up, and charging currents. The professional clamp is suitable for applications involving PV installations, battery monitoring, UPS systems, and electric vehicles. The elliptical jaw design will accommodate conductors and bus bars up to 35x15mm.

All models in the range include a thumb wheel for single handed operation and auto ranging for ease of use, auto power off, a low battery indicator, and a hold function, which is particularly useful when working in areas with restricted access. 

The new CM Series are supplied with high quality TL16 test leads, alkaline batteries, and a soft carry case. All Martindale Electric products come with a two year warranty and conform to the highest safety standards, the company says.

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