The IPG members are friendly, and service-driven with teams that are full of expert knowledge welcoming you into an environment where you feel encouraged to see and feel products.

A common myth is that “buying from an independent will be more expensive” – in most cases, this is the complete opposite! Being part of a group like The IPG means the independent can compete with better deals through collective purchasing power.

Additionally, independents have a deeper understanding of the localised area and the specific needs of plumbers. So, you’ll not be short of the essentials when pushed for time on major jobs.

Product price is often seen as a deal-breaker when it comes to why the trade shop where they do. However, an independent will go above and beyond to source the most efficient and cost-effective products – with a rapid turnaround and speedy delivery.

The IPG supports its members by forging strong business relationships with brands, such as Bristan. The group works closely with supplier partners on joint marketing initiatives, helping the independents to sell more effectively to the trade.

By adjusting your purchasing habits and shopping at an IPG member, you can really make a difference to a local business and reward all the hard work that goes into running a friendly, local independent store or showroom. There unique advantages should make them a first choice. Buy the best brands at great prices. Shop independent.

If you are looking to find out more about the full range of Bristan products, visit your local IPG member store:

Why choose Bristan?

Bristan showers are designed with family safety in mind. They come equipped with thermostatic temperature control and an automatic stop feature that prevents sudden temperature fluctuations. The rub-clean feature simplifies maintenance by allowing you to easily remove limescale build-up from the nozzles. With dual control for precise flow and temperature adjustments, these showers offer an unrivalled shower experience and a reassuring five year guarantee.

Introducing Bristan's cutting-edge bracketing system

Experience a shower of innovation with Bristan's Wallmount 12, an award-winning fast fix bracketing system available on selected Bristan bar showers. This ingenious system takes the hassle out of installation, making it easier than ever.

Featuring two front-facing isolation valves, Wallmount 12 allows you to isolate the water supply swiftly and conveniently at the point of installation, eliminating the need to shut off the mains. This feature is perfect for new bathrooms where you want to connect a water supply during the initial construction.

Wallmount 12 is a game-changer for renovation projects. It can be installed without disrupting tiling or sealing work since it seamlessly integrates in front of the tiling, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. The fixing kit is compatible with several of Bristan’s bar showers including Buzz and Craze, as well as the ever-popular Artisan and Frenzy mixer showers.

Choose Bristan for an innovative and hassle-free installation experience, with everything conveniently packaged in one box. The easy choice for showers that you can stake your reputation on.