Van drivers have been told how to lower their insurance, after premiums rose by over 15% for commercial van users.

Taking off young or inexperienced drivers is one of the quickest ways to reduce premiums as they are deemed more of a risk on the roads by insurers. 

Check business advertisements on the side of the van aren’t considered to be modifications, as this increases the premiums on the policy. 

Van drivers should also consider downsizing their vehicle and increasing security measures with alarms and immobilisers to make their insurance cheaper. 

Tim Alcock from Lease Van said: “Vehicle insurance is rising for everyone right now, so many of us are looking for ways to make the price more affordable. 

“There are several things you can do with little effort to decrease your van insurance costs - such as taking off young or inexperienced drivers from the policy.

“Joining a trade federation may also give you a discount when getting an insurance quote. 

“Installing security measures such as alarms, steering wheel locks, immobilisers and vehicle trackers will also help to lower costs. 

“Van drivers should also check their advertising isn’t classed as a modification, and consider downsizing vehicles to be given a cheaper insurance policy.”

How to lower your van insurance: 

  1. Review who is on the insurance policy 
    Review who is added to the insurance policy to potentially lower your premiums. Young or inexperienced drivers can increase the insurance as they are deemed more of a risk. Motorists with a poor claims history will also make the policy more expensive. 
  2. Join a trade federation
    Some insurance providers will offer a discount to those who are a member of a trade federation. It’s important to check which companies offer this benefit before signing up and getting an insurance quote. 
  3. Advertise your business
    Having signwriting on your van advertising your business will deter thieves from stealing the vehicle as it will be harder to sell on. However, before getting any signwriting, check with your insurance provider and the DVLA to check it isn’t considered a modification as this could increase the premiums on your policy. 
  4. Increase van security 
    Insurers will likely lower the costs of your policy if the van has extra security measures which will help to protect the vehicle. Make sure your van is more secure by installing alarms, a steering wheel lock, vehicle trackers and immobilisers. 
  5. Downsize your van  
    Downsizing your van could decrease the cost of your insurance policy as the vehicle will be classed as lower risk. Check you’re driving the right size van for your business and ensure it is suitable for your needs, and use a smaller vehicle if possible.