The range of LOCTITE sealants are particularly effective alternatives to pipe dopes, putties, and PTFE tape for plumbing applications and are now the plumber and installer first choice that works quickly, efficiently and keeps costs low whilst maintaining longevity.

LOCTITE 55 – Thread Sealing Cord

LOCTITE 55 is a thread sealing cord for the sealing of metal and plastic pipes and fittings. The ideal choice for installers looking for a quick, clean, and cost-effective solution, the product seals threaded fittings for gas, water, LPG, and compressed air. Designed with ease of use in mind, no cure time or training is required to achieve an instant, leak-proof seal for both metal and plastic joints with this innovative sealing cord.

This LOCTITE sealant also allows for reliable re-adjustments when required and provides the ability for fittings to be backed-off to achieve special alignments for bends, elbows or gauges without fear of leakage.

  • Tested in accordance with EN 751-2 Class ARp and DIN 30660
  • DVGW/KTW approval for gas and potable water
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI, Standard 61

To apply, simply wrap the sealing cord around the threads using the recommended amount for the thread size and assemble.

LOCTITE 577 – Liquid Pipe Sealing

LOCTITE 577 is a low pressure liquid pipe sealing solution for the locking and sealing of metal pipes and fittings as well as other threaded assemblies.

When sealing against heating oil, with parallel-to-parallel or metal-to-metal joints made from brass, copper, iron, or stainless steel – LOCTITE 557 provides a reliable chemical and thermal resistant seal for all applications. The single component adhesive cures with both active and inactive metals and locks and seals in any position, resisting vibration loosening and providing a defence against corrosion over time.

Despite its strength, this anaerobic thread sealant is still easily removed with standard hand tools, crucially saving time on time and re-works.

West Yorkshire-based Mayfly Group is the latest among a growing number of plumbing specialists to replace PTFE tape with the latest LOCTITE products from Henkel.

Mayfly Company Director, Grant Gundelfinger said: “Discovering these products was a watershed moment.

“When we started using LOCTITE 577 we thought, hang on a second, you mean we can use what is effectively an adhesive that not only seals every time, but can be wiped away without leaving any residue on show?”

With both LOCTITE 55 and LOCTITE 577, less is more. Both of these products are designed for ease of use and work best without over-use. For example, when sealing a pipe with 577 you will only need a small amount – a 360 degree bead around the male thread will achieve an unmatched seal. For bigger threads, simply apply both on male and female threads.

Similarly, LOCTITE 55 only requires the number of wraps recommended on the pack e.g. for a half inch joint, six to eight turns – this allows for more uses per product than traditional methods and maximises the number of seals you can achieve e.g. 405 half inch joints from the 160 mtr dispenser.

Scott Enfield, a professional plumber working across Essex, Suffolk, and Norfolk, has also ditched PTFE tape and replaced it with LOCTITE 55, providing a straightforward application and aesthetically pleasing seals for his customers. 

Scott said: “If I do anything involving a thread these days, I immediately reach for LOCTITE 55; I don’t even think about using anything else.

“LOCTITE 55 is failsafe and comes off the roll much easier than PTFE tape – it’s really easy to work with and I have total confidence in the product.

“After making a joint and filling a system I don’t even need to look – I know the threads are sealed. The product is much easier to locate. I can’t recall how much time I’ve lost over the years looking for reels of PTFE tape that have disappeared in my tool bag.”