LOCTITE 55 is a unique pipe sealing cord for threaded fittings, it is an ideal choice for a quick, easy, instant, and reliable seal on coarse taper/ taper and taper/ parallel threaded fittings.

One product is approved for use with gas or potable water so no need to buy individual products for gas or water.  A major benefit of LOCTITE 55 is that the fittings can be realigned after assembly. For more information, click here.

LOCTITE 577 Pipe Sealant is also gaining lots of interest in plumbing!

LOCTITE 577 is a liquid pipe sealant, used by many of the HVAC manufacturers in the production of their boilers, etc. that you repair and service on a daily basis. It instantly provides a low pressure seal on tightened taper/parallel fittings and thus allows you to get the system immediately operational.

Fittings are locked and sealed so the product is ideal where you need fittings aligned or you cannot get your tools to fully tighten up the fittings.

Benefits for you:

  • Instant seal on taper/parallel fittings
  • Also, suitable for parallel/ parallel fittings
  • Easy and clean to apply
  • Seals pipes up to 3in diameter
  • Seals against most solvents and gases including heating oil, water, and gas
  • Can be undone with normal hand tools
  • Approved for gas.

For more information on LOCTITE 577, click here.

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