KANE has released a range of new products which includes an update of its most popular flue gas analyser, the KANE458s, as well as five new products.

At the heart of the launch was KANE LINK. It is the result of years of research and development by KANE's in-house engineering department.

The company says gone are the days of trailing wires from your analyser and having to carry around multiple pieces of heavy testing equipment to do one job. With KANE LINK it’s easy – wirelessly connect your LINK enabled analyser to your LINK product and perform tasks like balancing heating systems, check air conditioning units and kitchen fans, and safely test rooms for CO.

KANE has updated its flagship analyser, the KANE458s, to enable it to connect to KANE LINK, so all new analysers bought will come with it as standard. Not only that, when pre-existing 458s come back for recalibration, they will be upgraded free of charge.

The company has released three KANE LINK products; WPCP2 Wireless pipe clamp temperature probes, DTHA2 Wireless airflow, temperature and humidity adaptor, and KANE79 wireless ambient carbon monoxide (CO) monitor.

As part of the launch, KANE also released two new flue gas analysers – KANE958 and KANE358. These are both backed up by KANE Care and its 10-year no quibble warranty.


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