The company has taken what it says is the the flawed, yet widely used draw off cock design, and stripped it back and made it a product suitable for the demands of the modern market.

Tesla UK says a common issue with a classic DOC is that the inner washer gets stuck, perished, or jammed over time, meaning the product is unable to drain down effectively when you need it most. However, the T-DOC features a reinvented one piece brass insert and O-ring seal compared with that of the traditional flat washer. The 6mm hex body allows for ease of installation and removal which can also provide anti-tamper protection to the system.

T-DOC is available in the three different designs enabling installers to have a DOC suitable for each and every application:

The range includes:

  • TDOCS – T-DOC Standard suitable for compression, endfeed, and solder
  • TDOCL – T-DOC Long tail suitable for compression, endfeed, solder, push-fit, and press
  • TDOCP – T-DOC Premium suitable for compression, endfeed, solder, and press.

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