Installers First held its first 2018 event, the Gas Engineer Training & Skills Assembly, on 7 February.

The event offered an opportunity for all those with an interest in the training and skills of Gas Engineers to review issues, and then identify how the industry can work together to make necessary change.

Laurah Hutchinson-Strain, Head of Media at Installers First, said: “We heard from leading industry figures about all of the great work which has been done and continues to be done, in relation to the training and skills of Gas Engineers.

“I believe that those in attendance will agree that the industry is moving in the right direction and now, following our event, we have a greater understanding of what is being done and how industry can work together on issues such as consumer awareness and supporting those who do want to join the industry, to select the right training.

“Gas engineers have a huge responsibility to ensure that the work they do and the appliances they work on are safe. Installers recognise this and they invest in themselves and subsequently the industry. We need to help those who help themselves by making it harder for the cowboys to operate.”

Laurah recalled one delegate saying “this industry moves in two circles, those who do a good job and those who don’t want to”.

There was also discussion around greater government funding for the training of gas engineers as well as a nationally accredited register of training providers.

The event was sponsored by Sentinel. Daniel Cheung, Trade Marketing Manager at Sentinel, said: “Sentinel is passionate about promoting best practice heating system maintenance and installation. We want to support the professional accredited heating installer and shine a spotlight on those that look to cut corners. The Gas Engineer Training & Skills Assembly supports that aim. A game-changing initiative in the industry.”

Minutes of the event can be found here.