In preparation for the latest ErP regulations coming into force, Ideal Commercial will be discontinuing its standard efficiency Pressure Jet Oil and Blown Gas boilers with outputs under 400kW.

The Falcon and Harrier ranges will be discontinued along with one model from the Viceroy and Vanguard L ranges. However, customers will still be able to order replacement parts after the 31 December 2017 deadline.

The aim of the new regulations is to ensure only energy-efficient, ultra-low NOx heating products are manufactured, specified and installed in the UK. This is an opportunity for contractors and installers to encourage their customers to move away from older models and introduce newer solutions that will not only minimise emissions but also cut costs for the end-user. There is also a wider business opportunity here to review the whole system, not just the boiler, and make suggestions to optimise efficiency.

As part of the 2015 ErP regulations, these boilers were allowed to be sold without a burner as a replacement part in a like-for-like scenario; this will end on 31 December 2017. Any products already placed on the market prior to the deadline can still be sold but Ideal Commercial is urging customers looking for these types of boilers to purchase what they need now before stock runs out.

In terms of Ideal Commercial’s product range, the company has provided customers with a table detailing alternative boilers. There is no change to ranges with outputs over 400kW.

Darren Finley, Chief Commercial Officer at Ideal Commercial Boilers, said: “We want our customers to be prepared for the regulations. If standard efficiency Pressure Jet Oil or Blown Gas boilers are still the preferred option there is still time to stock up, but we’re encouraging customers to use this as an opportunity to explore newer technology. Speak to us about our condensing boilers, including our Evojet condensing pressure jet range.”